Rajiv Dixit Ji born on 30 November 1967 in Naah village, Atrauli tehsil of Aligarh district, Uttar Pradesh . Under the tutelage of his father RadheShyam Dixit, he was educated till the 12th grade in the village schooling system in Firozabad district. In 1984, he moved to Allahabad (Prayaag) for higher studies. He pursued his M.Tech degree in Satellite Telecommunications from Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur and pursued his doctorate in telecommunications in France. Subsequently, he worked at CSIR as a scientist. But his passion for his motherland made him give up a paid-position for the sake of Indian culture and Swadeshi movement, serving the cause of “Rashtra Dharma”. His audio cassettes on Indian Nationalism and greatness of India’s past did well in 1999. He had been recording them over months traveling across I1ndia spreading his message of great optimism about India and its enormous contributions to the human civilization.

He was a Brahmachari and never married. He was influenced by the ideologies of Indian revolutionaries likeChandrashekhar Azad, Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh. Later in life, he began to appreciate the early works of Mahatma Gandhi. His life was also dedicated to causes like stopping alcohol and “gutka” production, cow-butchering and social injustices. On the 9th of January 2009, he became one of the founders of “Bharat Swabhiman” movement. He died on 30 November 2010, while in Bhilai in Chattisgarh. The circumstances around his death are uncertain and the cause of his death is unknown. In his memory, the constructed Bharat Swabhiman building in Haridwar has been named “Rajiv Bhawan”. He refused to take any modern medicine on his death bed, insisting instead on Ayurvedic medicine.


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